Areas of interest

  • Cognitive processes and clinical decision making
• Naturalistic decision making and sensemaking process in the clinical teams
• Human error in clinical pathways
• Healthcare ergonomics litigations
• Communicating the healthcare experience
• Inside stories: the patient’s experience
• Designing patients’ participation
• Designing competences for patient safety
• Elder people and safety
• Professional disease

  • System reliability and patient safety
• Resilience engineering for patient safety
• Simulation for training
• Healthcare quality and ergonomics
• Care in hospital, ambulatory settings, long-term care and at home
• Organizational culture/climate and patient safety
• Error analysis methods
• Organizational design of healthcare systems
• Clinical risk management and medical performances
• Homecare and safety
• Accidents/incidents reporting systems and organizational learning

  • Evidence based design
• Emergency design
• Wayfinding and layout
• Healthcare architecture and organization
• Safety by design

Human and Technology interaction
  • Information technology and learning reporting systems
• Design for usability for surgical and medical devices
• Healthcare information technology, such as electronic health record,
computerized provider order entry, bar coding medication administration
• Human-computer interaction and usability
• Maintenance of biomedical devices and patient safety
• New services and tools for patient safety

Good practices and ergonomic solutions
  • Medication errors
• Infection control
• Risks in OR, ICU and ER
• Errors in radiology and laboratory
• Patient falls
• Methods for benchmarking of the best practices

Occupational ergonomics and health professional safety in hospital
  • Occupational stress
• Patient handling ergonomics and muscleskeletal disorders
• Occupational injuries and accidents
• Epidemiological approaches

  Final Program
Registration and Final Paper Submission open till March 31st
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